Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Et moi? Since I didn’t post, it’s now publication day and I’m so excited! Web site is up, I’ve been inundated with congratulations from people I haven’t heard from in ages, I even took the time to do a yoga class and stock up on food at Trader Joe’s. If only Harlan were home and the temperature would drop a few small degrees and this evil wasp that’s hiding somewhere in my office would fly away home… I’d be the happiest girl on earth!


masterlessmaster said...

Hi! This is a message for Alan Cumming via your friend Grant Shaffer. Please excuse me barging in this way, but I don't have contact info, but found that you are friends with Grant and know Grant lives with Alan.
Alan was on TV some months ago talking about HOW he would like to do Shakespeare, or put Shakespeare's plays on Broadway. But No One is Interested. He said.
Well, I have a great idea for Alan, and that is to Put All of Shakespeare's plays to Music, film them and it would be a Great Thing for everybody.
I had the idea in high school, but did not take it seriously, thinking that IF someone would Sing the play,(Henry IV) we were reading, then I could just listen to it and not have to read it.
In any Case, PLEASE TELL ALAN, or Gary to tell Alan, that THIS IS an Idea WHOSE TIME HAS COME, and NOW is the time to do it.
I had thought about William Tell's Overture for singing the words that go:
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow creeps in its petty place from day to day. Out out Brief Candle! Life is but a Walking Shadow which struts and frets its our upon the stage and then is heard no more.
It is a Tale, told by an Idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying Nothing.
I don't know any Librettists, but would love to be In the play.
Of course, if we FILM them, they would be like Operas, but I want Alan to HEAR the idea, and let him develop all of the Details.
It will be His Baby.
And if he wants to call me, he can.
My name is Dan, and I can be reached at 201 699 0208. I live in Fort Lee, am about 60, and am aka as the Masterlessmaster on YouTube. I am an honest philosopher. This is not a hoax or a joke. I liked Alan in the 007 films where I first saw him.
He was very funny.
You ARE Beautiful, also, Andrea!
Good luck in everything you do in your life and God bless.

Most sincerely,

Dan Russo

P.S. Tell Alan, I also have ideas for films bigger than the Titanic about spies, lies and the mess we are in now. I want to talk to Pierce Brosnan about doing five or six films or documentaries on Nazi spies who got jobs in CIA after WW2, which led to Mossad spies, which led to Bin Laden.
If Alan could pass my name on to Pierce, and have him call me, I have The Next Big Project for him, too!

masterlessmaster said...

PS, this is "strictly legit" and on the up-and-up as they say. I also have ideas for the secret lives of Richard Nixon, GHW Bush, and the Dulles Brothers who were involved in laundering money for Hitler after WW2. Adapations of the books would take some time, but there are books: Plausible Denial by Mark Lane, The General Was a Spy about German Master Spy Reinhard Gehlen, Victor Ostrovsky's books, and so on.